How is the work at the Microsoft as an intern? - Interview with Kunigunda

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How is the work at the Microsoft as an intern? - Interview with Kunigunda

The university will be over soon, and you want to start your carrier before you graduate. You have a lot of opportunity. It is difficult to choose the right one, because this is about your future.

We started this series of interviews, because we would like to introduce the Microsoft from the point of view of our interns. I talked with some college student and fresh-graduated students like you, who have chosen the Microsoft Internship Program.

They are talked me about their work and how is going their day at the Microsoft as a trainee.

How is the work at the Microsoft as an intern?

Kunigunda Szentes tell me about her job as a Service Team Intern.

- Please, tell me something about yourself.
- I graduated at Pázmány Péter Catholic University on the faculty of Information Technology and Bionics, I own my bachelor degree in molecular bionics engineering. I am very active in organizing university student life as an active member of the Animator Community, fellow of the Students’ Union of the Faculty and as former math consultant.

My field of study is reconcilable with my other interests in business and marketing, I joined Microsoft half year ago, as the very first Services Intern.


- How did you get your internship at Microsoft?
- My first contact with Microsoft Hungary was my attendance at the Meet Microsoft Day in last May. I was astonished by the energy and mission of the company. Through that one day long event, I was sure, that the thing I want most is to join the company. After a long and challenging period of different types of interviews, I succeeded to reach my goal. 

- Why would like to join us? 
- A company like Microsoft the best place to start your career: it is truly person-oriented, a strong mentoring system and a great intern program is established. The environment is modern, team-work impulsive and the working ours are flexible. Nevertheless, as an engineer student I was inspired by the amount of attention the company is devoting for the AI and virtual reality technologies.

- What do you do at Microsoft?
- I became part of the Services team, as an Intern I support all fields. I work with the Sales team as a team assistant, I keep the records of the meetings, monitor the team proceedings; I overview and manage the technical account manager team responsibilities, gather information from other segments, help with workshop organizing, preparing media and promotional contents for customers.

- What do you like most about your job?
- I love my role because it makes me possible to work with many people, get know many exciting roles and personalities. I also love to attend at technical workshops, meet with customers. The intern program and the mentor meetings are also a highlight of my days.

- What would you say those, who want to join to the Microsoft as an intern?
- If you are open minded, interested in revolutionary technical solutions, ready to challenge yourself at a multinational company do not hesitate. Prepare well from our company’s mission, show us the best side of yours, be enthusiastic and you will succeed. Your sparkling eyes will tell our hiring team, that you are eager to became a valuable member of the MS team.

Thank you for your interview, Kunigunda. Good luck with your work!

Are you interested in advanced technical solutions and you want to work at a place, where the workplace is inspirational and have promising carrier options?

Do you want to work at a company, where you have real projects and your job is not about making coffee for months?  Then join us at the Microsoft!

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